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naturally condensing Oxylite

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in my underground hot dessert asteroid with Pips and lots of arbor tree but no fiber, sometime oxygen condense itself into Oxylite 40g dropping around in my colony.

what is the condition for oxylite to naturally condense itself ? 

I'm sure it's not just 3.0 kg oxygen and 5.0 kg carbon dioxide atmosphere. da Pipsqueak doing ?




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my colony has no dense puft.

my hot sand asteroid has no swamp biome either.

I already dug out all of oxylite in starting biome.


it's hidden trait of resource in this game. same as steam naturally deoxidize itself in closed room with cool steam vent.

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Puft princes were recently modied to have the same diet and poop habits of all others pufts. So basically, when in oxygen, they behave exactly like a dense puft ( might have different ratios, have to check that)

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