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Space layer: Comets

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The idea behind comets is to create a random source of resources that does not depend on filling the galactic map with everything. They are just like normal planets for rocket missions, except they spawn and despawn in a random way. Comets have three major phases:

- Approach. During this phase a comet may be discovered and analyzed using the telescope. You don't know when a comet will show up, so keep the telescope busy! The telescope will reveal some details about the comet type and potential resources. As a bonus it offers a renewable source of science flavored XP. 

- Active. During this limited window a mission may be sent to the comet. Rewards are random, bountiful, and don't normally respawn. The comet is a 1-shot pile of resources.

- Leaving. During this phase rockets may complete their missions but no new rockets may be sent. Once the comet is gone, it is gone and the colony must await new RNG comets.

other options:

- Comets typically have very low gravity, which dramatically reduces the fuel required for missions. This can be simulated by keeping the km distances in the low to medium range, or by reducing the penalty of cargo modules, or something like that. Players may wish to have special rocket designs handy for looting comets.

- World gen traits include having few comets, many comets or being lost in a barren void of space that ONLY has comets.

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