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Is the 'stuck mining regolith' bug linked to multiple miners trying to work on the same tile?

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I'm working on a space setup, and a couple times noticed that my robo-miners would get stuck targeting the same tile and being unable to mine it.  As soon as that triggered, any regolith that falls into that tile is unmineable, even if just 1 miner is working on it, until the game is reloaded and it all gets fixed.

So...queue extensive testing, and I've been able to replicate the stuck tile issue twice (over many hours) when two robo-miners are working on the same column of regolith, and 0 times if there's only 1 robo-miner working on a column of regolith.

My question is: Is this just a pure coincidence, or is the bug triggered by multiple miners working on the same block?  If you've seen non-overlapping robo-miners trigger it I'd love to hear it.  This bug is mentioned frequently but nobody seems to know exactly what conditions it operates under.  If I can avoid it by avoiding overlapping mining, then I'll just go with the lager setup, but if it's inevitable either way I'd like my more compact setup...

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