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Darkness mod. Where it's gone?

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I can't find mode that make underground really Dark. It was there, now it's gone.
After last update all installed mods are broke, custom items removed from save game and it's not big deal.

But some vital mods are just disappear from the list and I can't find em in workshop. Like one great mode that alloy player to tune darkness.

5d460e0983161_dark01250.jpg.2f1c88a586159185d52150768d6fcff2.jpg 5d460e09d912f_dark02250.jpg.85dd234fc70b06a70c65c343e74bb6d8.jpg

Full size screenshots:







I waited for it so long and after only few month of playing it's gone. Actually I don't care about this game without mods for cold, light/dark, lighting stuff. Vanilla game just too easy, you doesn't see any changes, no motivation for building:
• heating
• lighting
• living creatures
• switches
• resource reserves
• more then 5-6 workers

P.S. new research tree are awful.

Update ===============

New updated version of mod by Cairath! Hooray!


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On 8/4/2019 at 1:46 AM, Cairath said:

The person who first made darkness got fed  up and left, but I promised a few people I'd get my version of it working - I should have it available this week.

I can wait for it forever. Dark/Light - the only thing last year that give meaning to things, that makes this game any depth.

Klei developers just expanded sandbox game last years, but all of this stuff just wasted.

Updated first post. Thread can be closed now)

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