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  1. Build LU-366134 Room with 2 bugs, Drop-off max priority (yellow alarm). The only Rancher locked in the stable (he gor Ranching, Supply and Storage priority). Doesn't work at all, rancher going idle. Set max number critter to zero. Doesn't work at all. Switch off and on Drop-off. Doesn't work at all. Rebuild Switch-off. Rebuild door to the stable. Doesn't work at all. Save and Load. Doesn't work at all. The problem in critters I believe. They catch some error-bug and live with it. I saw this problem randomly all past year in every build, but it no such a problem as for me Same game, another room
  2. Works just great! It perfectly lay on the old save and moreover it correct few bugs with deep black in the space biom (with old mod it became ridiculous 100% black, but now works just fine )
  3. Hello! Any news about darkness mode? It seems that "absolute zero" mode are also broken... After release this game lost everything that made it interesting. I can't even find this one:
  4. After mods collapsed I played vanilla for ten minutes.. Wasted ten minutes.
  5. All I want is useful Light and Fire no matter from DLC or Mod. I got only one lamp every game UNDERGROUD.. shame! Also, for hundred hours of playing I never fight cold, only heat. So the game lose it's goals while you meet same challenges everytime, while game have a lot of ignored mechanics. I remember same problems before. Reinstalling the game deal with this problem, but I'm also sure it was problem of my system, not the game itself. I also suggest you to restart computer. Sound stupid, but it also deals a lot of uncommon bugs. After this you would absolutely sure it's the patch problem.
  6. Yep, I see this bug too. I tried to open grill menu. Chose the Egg (or anything, that cause the endless cycle), then mark it to compost. The problem were dealed for some time.
  7. Astronaut disappears after disembarking

    Yep, It's almost always disappear. I just deconstruct cabin, then astronaut fall down and add to colony again like he/she/it never leave. Then rebuild cabin and assign again. I think I saw this bug on forum before and devs know about it. The whole rocket update still too raw, a lot of stability change are going to be add in coming patch.
  8. I live with this bug some time and it evolved to this major bugs: missing strings ui uisidescreens oxidizertank fuelamount missing strings ui uisidescreens luqiedfueltank fuelamount Now, then I trying to input any other amount of fuel, Duplicates ignore it and trying to deliver maximum number instead. Then oxylite drops out and start to melt. And this circle repeat. It's started then rocket "returned" from the space mission. Trying to rebuild the whole rocket wont fix anything, but mission now possible with 2700kg of Oxylite only. It's kinda annoying, because I need only 900kg. Two screenshots:
  9. Oxidizer and liquid fuel tanks

    LoL, this problem for me evolved to: missing strings ui uisidescreens oxidizertank fuelamount Now, if I trying to input any amount of fuel in the bar, then tank start empty it self over and over again, until I rebuild it and leave alone (in hope it wont broke again). It's started after my rocker returned from space. So it's a full layer of errors, that may be caused by mistakes in mechanics. I think it's better to leave it to the developers and not making hundred hotfixes, like Windows love to do, in one moment it could ruin the stability and confuse everybody.
  10. Резервуар для жидкостей / газа находится в ветке Base, а не в "вентиляции" или "водопроводной". Я тоже не сразу понял где искать. Чтобы подтвердить ошибку, лучше предоставить скриншот с веткой Base, после изучения соответствующего исследования. Хотя у меня все обновления появлялись даже в старых сохранениях, которые были сделаны до свежих патчей.
  11. Exo-suite is the analogy of ocean wetsuit from my opinion. In wetsuits there is a special valve, so you can easily finish your "business" outside. Before, there were two types of divers, one who piss into wetsuit, and those who SAY they are not. I think it's not a big problem to place extra Outhouse near your facility, so Dups can use it while outside main base. Still, i never meet this problems, except "Red Alert" situation.
  12. Version: SU-290532 of 21 oct 2018 Duplicants just staying near Shower with no action for whole day. Dup's status telling it still showering, while building says it's "Not allowed by schedule". All of this are captured on screenshot. Then it come "Downtime" Dups just moving forward to her business without status of "showered". Screenshot: ========================================================== Bug progression. Version: SU-291278 29 oct 2018 Now dups stuck or random tasks, like "going to eat" Screenshot. Catalina staying near fridge deciding what to eat. It's difficult task, as you can see by the Cycle time.
  13. Yes. Moving are help. Changing scheduler also help. But I notice it then my colony got starve, while only cook staying all day long near shower, thinking of meaning of being. (◣_◢) Just find it again with another dups. Bathtime at the end of the day this time. And near any shower. Every few cycles. Starting Colony few days ago after update.