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I've seen a few automated fish farms but either I didn't notice or they didn't include a way to replenish the breeder fish when it dies.  This one does, but it assumes that any container on your base that accepts fry fish eggs is set to sweep only.  Also it's not fully automated for the dupes - it just doesn't require player intervention.


Normally when the breeder fish drops an egg the sweeper on the right gives it to the conveyor loader which dumps it into the unfed sad Pacu tank in another room:  


In the unfed tank, the fish will still drop eggs if there are no eggs in the water, so the sweeper takes them out dumps them up on the deck plates to incubate.

The main idea is to shadow the egg drop zone with the mesh tiles so the sweeper can't get to it, and when the fish hatches it flops into the water.




The critter sensor is set to zero.  For the longest time I thought these things were broken, but it's just the too-tip that is misleading.  It should read "The sensor will send and Active signal when the number of critters and eggs in the room EXCEEDS the specified amount." When the breeder fish dies, the critter sensor unlocks the door, allowing the dupes to reach the priority 8 container that is requesting 4 kg of fry egg.  That's one heavy egg!  Did you know you could set a container limit on regular containers?  There is a little slider at the top that does that.  300+ hours in and I finally learned that.  Anyway, as soon as an egg-carrying dupe enters the door on the right, the sensor output turns green again, so the filter is set to 7 seconds to give the dupe enough time to get between the two doors.  The sweeper on the left gives the egg to the priority 9 loader which dumps it on a mesh tile in the shadow zone of the sweeper on the right, like we did for the sad Pacus.








I apologize for the extra stuff that doesn't relate to the fish operation like the bottle emptier and pumps and reed farms.  I thought you might like to see the setup in my actual base.

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