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Hey Grifters,

We’ve just pushed the “Griftlands Experimental” build, and it will now show up in your library beside the main game. This is a separate download that you can opt into if you want to see the most up-to-date changes as we make them. We’ll be updating this build very often, and testing out changes for the regular updates. Our next regularly scheduled main update is July 25th.

Some important things to remember:

Experimental is a separate game! Your save files are kept in a separate directory (Documents/Klei/Griftlands_testing). You can copy your existing files over from the regular directory (Documents/Klei/Griftlands) if you like, but we keep them separate by default to keep them safe.

Experimental might be unstable! If you choose to take part you will probably run into (potentially game-breaking) bugs. This is for people who really want to see the newest stuff and help us find problems before they hit the main build. 

Experimental is for experiments! We will be trying things out, changing them drastically, and even removing them altogether at a much faster rate than in the main game. Not everything that you see in experimental will make it into the main game!

Experimental is for feedback! If you play experimental, please tell us what you think. F8 works as usual, and we can tell which build you’re sending it from. Crash reports are especially appreciated!

So if you’re feeling adventurous, download the experimental build and send us your thoughts! 


  • Non-human humanoids get species-specific boon conditions.
  • Three new common discard cards added to the draw pool: Duster, Scatter, and Spare Blades.
  • Added Vendetta condition- people who hate you will always target you in combat.
  • Active Defense now has upgrades.
  • Power doesn't boost damage from non-attack cards.
  • Chemist no longer gives you potions while on your team. Potions are now shown when dealt.
  • Increased damage of Efficient Disposal from 1 to 2.
  • Counter, power, and defend all get new sounds.
  • Hovering over damage numbers shows attack arrows for the attacker.


  • Very Convincing is now an Admiralty faction card.
  • New murder consequence card: Reputation Preceding.
  • Evil Eye doesn't get "used" when you play non-damaging cards.
  • Planted Evidence now uses stacks to display damage.
  • Browbeat requires at least 1 action to play.
  • Reduce damage of Overbear, and make it target random arguments.


  • New background art for roadside shrine and forest shrine events.
  • New trashed Grog n' Dog background art for when you first meet Kashio.
  • Krill now glow and have spikes.
  • Character blinks animate properly if they are angry, scared, or happy.


  • Added Streamer mode - you can move important UI elements out of the left or right bottoms corners.
  • Player character wears the correct outfit in all UI screens and save slots.
  • You can now change outfits by talking to Fssh at the Grog n Dog.
  • The click to continue message in dialog shows quickly once *per profile*, and then comes in very slowly forevermore.
  • Color-coded Negotiation/Battle/Shop convo buttons.
  • Tutorials do not auto-advance when the spoken dialog ends.
  • Reversed the order of the YES-CANCEL buttons on dialog popups to match common usage.
  • Updated popup dialog appearance.
  • Non-humanoid character portraits should position correctly in the "killed by" display on the game over screen.
  • Cards and Grafts in shops and drafts have category labels under them for easy identification.
  • Allow the user to drag their mouse away after clicking down on a card upgrade option, to cancel their selection.
  • Show unmodified prices in card stores alongside your actual prices.


  • Save paths with unicode characters work correctly now.
  • OSX build is available in Experimental.


  • Fix the tooltip for health
  • Gossip now adds resolve instead of stacks if you play more than one
  • Fix some grammar mistakes
  • Fix tasks not triggering for dominance changing
  • Improved visualization of Efficient Disposal
  • Fix tooltip positioning falling off the bottom edge of the screen
  • Fixed oolo snail attacking while shelled if it shelled on its turn (eg bleed)
  • Marked up Incept keyword in Stammer
  • Various grammar/spelling fixes
  • Fixed shadow mastery upgrade not saying expend
  • Fixed assassin should look hurt when entering the scene
  • Fix for potential crash after battle.
  • Fix shroog not getting the correct number of stacks if you kill multiple shrooglets in one hit
  • Fix for bartender not showing intent when aiming
  • Options screen text fix (was referring to DownScale, which no longer exists)
  • Fixed bug where winning battles restored all your health
  • Fix description of Inside Fighting upgrade to not repeat a keyword
  • Admiralty Goon Formation now gets deactivated when attacked instead of when taking damage
  • Fix handling of malformed utf8 feedback strings 
  • Nil-check entity when handling EVENT.SPEECH.  If an entity surrenders/dies in a single attack, the hit handler will handle their death status change prematurely (eg. AOE grenade DRONE_GOON, causing him to die at the same time his drones surrender)
  • Fix crash when negotiating with the chemist, when you dragged card is discarded by purple haze.
  • Fix for crash involving freighter querying card cost after having been removed from the game.
  • Crash fix for dying while using target_practice against a target with Riposte
  • Only do Status Changed viz on the last hit of multi-hit attack, so that hit results don't access a potentially nil entity.  Fixes crash occurring when Doomed is played on 4 crayotes, causing all to surrender
  • Fix back_pedal expending killer crash, due to trying to apply Composure to the Dominance that Killer provided
  • Fix crash with admiralty_shake_down if no admiralty candidates exist.  Fallback to CreateCombatParty.
  • Nil-check modifier after calling OnBounty -- there's lots of triggers that can occur which recursively delete the modifier.
  • Lots of dialog typos fixed (thanks for finding them!)
  • Fix inconsistent desc for tall beguile
  • Ocular Surrogate now fires at the start of the players turn as indicated by the desc
  • Fix visionary footwork not checking 0 discards
  • Updated desc of brain gills to describe that it only applies this turn.
  • Fix gunsha powder applying to literally all cards, including itself and other NPC cards.
  • Fixed bug where drunken_master gave drunk cards that were owned by the target rather than the player
  • Fixed upgrade text for Rummage
  • Updated wounding barbs and first blood to loop through attack.targets rather than use attack.target
  • Slow down the click to continue indicator
  • Fix layout of quest reward widget (fewer columns)
  • Fix hit-testing of unicode strings in the feedback box
  • Suppress "Not in hand" msgs.
  • Making the End-Turn button not glow at the start of the turn
  • SPECIAL cards don't go into the trash, they are just deleted
  • Less delay between queued floaters
  • Added new argument artwork for calling_in_all_favours, improvise_bait_upgraded
  • Prevent the relationship screen carousel from looping indefinitely if you click it too fast
  • Fix situation that could arise where you could not leave the grog-n-dog after certain quests or save/load patterns
  • Add icons for boss quests
  • Thief in side_thief_bounty.lua now hides while you're looking for their contact
  • Fix merc casting, needs to re-cast if one dies.  Also, should probably support nil cast members.
  • Remove redundant cast agent relocations in shop_open.on_activate: collect_agent_locations should handle this already.  
  • Added requirements to mercenary_offer.lua similar to the story mercs, so that you don't get hirelings and then have to let them go immediately
  • Bugfix for getting a target's boss to fire them when you have a friend
  • Fix for Nadan trying to flee fighters that are already dead
  • Make ai_spark_baron_billy_club apply to attack.targets, not primary target
  • Added map tags to the locations in handler_admiralty_clear_bandit_cave.lua so they can be correctly placed on the map
  • Mercenary_offer.lua will no longer cast people that dislike you
  • Fix oppo_dog_event casting some weird rando if your pet dies en route
  • Show drinks in drinkers' hands
  • Fixed the wrong tooltip showing up when hovering a card sometimes    
  • Fixed tooltip for monsters that will flee on the next turn so it doesn't show the tooltip for Panic
  • Added tooltips to clarify that dogs will be negative in negotiation 
  • Renamed loyal vroc and yote to untrained vroc and yote for clarity
  • Don't allow multiple instances of the game at the same time on Windows
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Hi Kevin,

When I enter EGS and attempt to install the Experimental Build I get an error:

Install Failed
Could not download installation information. Please try again later.
Error Code: MD-0011
Search our knowledge base to learn more

and a prompt where I have to click "OK."

Both "MD-0011" and "Search our knowledge base to learn more" are hyperlinks, highlighted blue that brings me to EGS website search function, although the only error that shows up on that search is MD-0003.

I'll check again later this evening.  Maybe it won't become available until a new EGS business day tomorrow?

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5 hours ago, Kevin said:

Are you looking in the store or your library? It should be in your library. 

Can you update the initial post with this information. I also had the same issue with reading the post which said "It will be in the Store" 
I looked at the store but nothing ... and after i had read your comment i saw it in the Library.

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