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  1. I don't actually know what fatigue is a solution to so it makes it hard to comment on the design intent. If the problem is that some people are drawing out battles to level up their cards, using an existing solution like that enemy power ramp after x turns already exists in some negotiations (and is more painful than fatigue because it is permanent and cannot be dismissed through resolve damage.) To have fatigue on top of that is just beating a dead dog with twice the penalty even if you are trying your best to crush your enemy. To add insult to injury, if the opponent has that composure add to arguments from unmitigated damage the previous round, then not only are you beating a dead dog, you are also spitting on it's grave. (Not sure if you can get all 3 events occuring at the same time.) So there are already a number of options to solve percieved delaying tactics which all hurt regular players to the extent that optimised decks are going to outweigh organic decks, not a good or bad thing in itself, but it certainly makes casual play and experimental deck builds harder given the RNG of cards, difficulty of the game at higher prestige levels and RNG of survival itself from random 4-star encounters.
  2. Fatigue is a problem for me playing in prestige 7 experimental build. While I don't farm card XP, early combat is almost impossible to kill/surrender most opponents within the fatigue time limit. Fleeds are the most painful if you get 6 shield ones as you can't do much damage against them with your limited offensive cards as you don't have much bleed (maybe wounds as well) early game. Fatigue late game is usually even worse as you can easily lose your life if you have enemies that stack power. I would be in favour of pushing fatigue 1-2 rounds as this would have a minimal effect on XP gain (low level is all about struggling to survive unless you gat a super card early) and this should not affect significant XP card gain for players. The main problem would be if cycling/engine decks became more common for combat as they would allow some degree of card XP exploitation early which can be done if you get super lucky in negotiations. Negotiations have it harder if you encounter opponents that start resolve/composure gain on fatigue and nothing short of luck (or skill) will see you losing negotiations and dignity but still walking away with your like (most of the time.) Getting the cycling deck is very hard early on (only managed it once out of ~60+ playthroughs) so I don't really see that as overwhelming odds in favour of that negotiation deck. The only benefit of the early game is that you have such a small deck and can therefore upgrade starter cards (which may turn into rubbish and then good luck discarding them.) TL;DR: fatigue is a harsh penalty, please consider pushing it out a round or two to give us a chance of survival =D
  3. So I started a prestige 7 game in the experimental branch and it says "Welcome to Havaria: Day 1 - Prestige Level 8" in-game. Only just noticed it... is 7 actually 8? You can see the option to select Level 7 on the character selection screen image, but the display in-game in the top left corner of the map screen capture says otherwise - Prestige Level 8.
  4. [update] There are 10 levels of card unlocks and I am at 9/10 in the experimental build.
  5. From prestige 2 through to prestige 6, I have seen strange cards (from higher unlocked tiers) appear when using "summon" cards (Caprice, Thieve's Instinct, etc.) I was happy to have some of these cards, but as they had not been unlocked, I am guessing that this is a bug. I think that I have unlocked 6/7 or 7/8 tiers, but when I only had the first tier unlocked, I had some OP cards appearing. This never happened to me in the main branch. I don't actually know the design intent, so just alerting you to the fact.
  6. Some cards only have placeholder images when in the trash
  7. While playing the current alpha through the Epic launcher, I came across a minor issue with a script variable being displayed.