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Can I submurge an algae terrarium in water for instant supply anymore?

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yes, I also suggest this if I stream. 


  • it eats less algea
  • produce oxygen
  • deletes heat (eats up to 75C° hot water -> convert 30C° colder P.Water)
  • half automated (disable Delivery and dump water in a chamber, as seen in screenshot)

it can submerged in water up to 2 tieles, but i sugess 1tile.

if you dissable the delivery, Dupes wont deliver Water to the terrarium but still provide it with algea (its so nice)

as seen in screenshot I use a autosweaper to do the automated part.


and you know what? this is my early game metall Refinery build.
With the algea terrarium I am able to mass produce even steel without woring heat*.

*Auquatuner is not a part of the metal refinery

Screenshot (41).png

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I love that... my base is so trash compared to everyone else's. I would HATE to live with me as a master, but I aspire... I do a more "Tall" style build with 3-4 dupes over many many cycles... It's like I have a cottage industry versus you guys with your massive FORD HENRY factories leading to Shenzhen style factory-cities designed to produce ONE thing in such quantities that they have their own gravity wells!

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