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  1. Well that's good to know. I was wondering if I would ever catch a break for what I put on the menu.... I mean I'd like to try the bbq myself.
  2. Yes. I am. The gauge. Not signals. Like I wrote in the title- "gauge." I find it humorous but often times when not being careful, I react as in the real world and my mind triggers the wrong reaction. Dupes' world is silly world.
  3. Red for full and green for empty is weird. Red should be the bottom, green on top. I mean when it's full it's all green, right? Lots of gas... running low would be red. Actually any color gauge in this game seems reversed with red when something is nearing full. I guess maybe that's the inverted charm of a dupe's world? Not like anything explodes when overfilled. No red zone. no danger. I mean:
  4. I gave em spicey tofu... and get the ICKY animation and tongue wipe... what gives?
  5. Glad they added tooltip delay settings. This unclutters my screen a LOT!
  6. There was no need for his insulting tone...
  7. Yeah of one they plan to release in weeks... Complete reformulations, and release candidates that crash on 100% of users' experiences are the usual for you? You must be great in the clutch. It's labeled as a testing candidate for a launch branch... get a clue. Have fun in that space shuttle dude.
  8. Sometimes tasks to build or deliver material, while still appearing on the object no longer will come up for any dupe and until I delete the object blueprint and do it again, or save/reload the game the task stays undone forever. Update: Just happened again where a place was out of reach to be delivered to or built... then i shuffled around some support blocks so the dupes could get there. The place still showed as unreachable, even though navigation of dupes showed they could stand just below it and reach. save/reload. They instantly go to build it.
  9. ugh no thanks. I like the cosmetic aspect. They earn the hat with the skill, then you put whichever hat they earned on them as you wish.
  10. uh, tell them to put on the hat you want for their skill... what could be me more simple? It's already in the game.
  11. This has got to already be known, but settings of my storage bins resets to some strange mixed settings on game reload; this is on bins where I checked ALL and then unchecked critter eggs as the only settings I used. Other settings appear to stay.