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  1. So much right in this thread... LOL. Ah, the great disease nerfing/change was horrible.
  2. No heat when not in use afaict.
  3. I've had dupes eaten by critters in the early days, but never an exploding battery. Doesn't mean that it couldn't happen though- I've always been careful around electricity.
  4. Lol, why no sir. No pc graphics card could ever touch that sort of perfomance. Never ever. which isnt even the main point of ONIs struggles anyway... Here have some gravy with your gloat.
  5. This is great to hear! It's a nice delusion for me to believe there is other intelligent game player life in the galaxy...
  6. I love how the OP wants it to run on a potato when it is fps challenged on real PCs... reality anyone?
  7. People walk through this in buildings all the time in real life? That is the point, they don't. It's a dumb way to to seal a base with dupes walking around- it is an unintentional fluke of the game physics that ruins a lot of other intentional systems. Period. Blech. I get the physics behind a real water seal, and people don't walk through vertical ones. Anywhere.
  8. All the complaints about pumps this and that are my point- they need to be improved and made much more user friendly- electricity and everything so that building airlock systems would work well. And filters and pumps are the black boxes that go IN to making an airlock system- they are the component pieces along with airtight doors. That's why those BBs are fine but I'm not enjoying the idea of there just being an airlock system added to the game. I liken adding an airlock system to the same as adding in a cleansing room system that cleans all the germs off things with just electricity required. I mean come on. And the waterlock thing should be done away with. Completely. It's so cheesy and gamey. I don't want Klei just not fixing all the other underlying problems as if this system would fix that. It doesn't,
  9. I really don't like the idea of there being a building that makes a perfect airlock/heat lock for us- and am really confused why so many users are asking for this. I enjoy building specially made ones for where I need them and think that half the game is designing little machines and strange systems out of the parts and "odd rules of physics" they gave us. Too much ready-made or premade stuff isn't in keeping in the spirit of the game, IMO. I guess I like the LEGO aspect of the game. Or early, technics style lego aspect I should say- LEGO ready made crap isn't fun anymore to me. However, I DO understand the frustration with a door being called an airlock when it's not. And I do understand the frustration that waterlocks are so much easier and perfect compared to what we can manufacture/design with the pieces they have for us in the game. I do think those pieces and the systems that make it so frustrating for people to build an airlocking (or temperature guarding) system of doors. The gas deleting method with a middle door is gamey and cheesy, and I do think that Klei should come up with tools that allow us to do it better. Or a better gas system that isn't so... um... checkerboard like. For me, though, when I first built my own system and got it up and running, and have honed how to execute it over time, that was a lot of fun and worth it. IMO. Lastly, the pieces involved in an airlocking system for automation, to various metals, and pumps (or whatever system you do) require certain other systems to support them and gain access to them- an airlock isn't a single machine- it's a system of them. All above just IMO obviously. I could be convinced to to the other side but not yet with the arguments I've seen in this forum.
  10. It's so annoying. I notice in Rimworld when those types of tasks happen they finish the first task. Couldn't this be in this game as well- especially if they're carrying slime at the top of a looooong ladder and- DINNER!!!! OMFG no!!!!
  11. [Game Update] - 348980

    There was no need for his insulting tone...
  12. [Game Update] - 348980

    Yeah of one they plan to release in weeks... Complete reformulations, and release candidates that crash on 100% of users' experiences are the usual for you? You must be great in the clutch. It's labeled as a testing candidate for a launch branch... get a clue. Have fun in that space shuttle dude.