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Is there still no use for sulfur?

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9 hours ago, Nightinggale said:


I'm not really sure how to implement that in ONI though because batteries doesn't have a limit to how many kW they can charge/discharge.

Maybe you would need to add some way of building degrading till they have to be rebuild and return not all materials they were build from.

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The most clear way to use sulfur IMHO is 

sulfur + water (or maybe ethanol for more complexity) = sulfur acid

uranium ore + sulfur acid = "clear uranium" - low radiation

"clean uranium" + centrifuge + lot of energy/time = "rich uranium"  - high radiation

rich uranim + something = fuel cells

fuel cells > reactor = lots of energy (or heat) + clear uranim (with mass loss)

i think that in case of cell to heat way we need advanced steam engine with high temp

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On 2019/6/28 at 9:29 PM, Nightinggale said:

Sulfur + water = sulfuric acid. Makes critter drowning much faster.

You'll need to burn it with oxygen to get sulfur dioxide and dissolve sulfur dioxide into water to get sulfuric acid.

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