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maximum petroleum modules on a rocket?

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3 hours ago, geniusthemaster said:

just wondering whats the maximum petroleum modules on a rocket? if i did an equal number of oxidizer tanks the highest the wiki shows is 14/2=7, but im betting if i dug an underground pit i could make a longer rocket?

Maximum for which task?

Maximum to fly as far as possible?

3 petroleum, one liquid oxygen

Or 4 petroleum, two oxylite (cannot reach 110000)

Maximum to fly as far as possible with at least one cargobay?

4 petroleum, 2 LOX,

Or 3 petroleum 1 oxylite (limited by 60000)

Maximum just to set record? From neutronium at the bottom of the world, up to upper border of space.

Which maximum you are interested in?

In theory, you can build rocket with petroleum engine, capsule, one liquid oxygen tank and 63 petroleum tanks, fill it with just 1529 kg of petroleum and liquid oxygen, and still be able to fly. Uselessly, and to the nearest asteroid only, but this is maximum for flyable rocket, as far as I can calculate

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