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Player ghosts who remain ghosts should gradually fade until they are gone (banned from server as if they were voted out) after a period of say 4 days. That's more than enough time to find a touchstone or be revived by teammates if they didn't dislike the ghost. Give them a special bar that replaces hp/belly/sanity that goes down and when it runs out their time is up. Can even be crafted item that players could give ghosts to refill slightly in the same way hearts work. Condolence or alm or something. Would also add a layer of gameplay depth in that teams struggling would have to make decisions about who to be revived first.


Sometimes when votebanning isn't available troublesome players choose to remain ghosts after they die with the sole purpose of disrupting the living with no intention of playing properly. Haunting crockpot foods, draining sanity, etc. This would help curb that.

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