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Found 2 results

  1. I notice that the current longest run server has ended its glorious days pretty sad not yet having a chance to participate( maybe in future ) Argument trapping portal would be have a little more protection against griefers ( although not 100% ) but also losing potential players at the same time ( that is pain more than gain ) I hope if Klei’s server could have at least one or exactly one reputation based server in most regions How it works? set reputation requirement for that server ( should be around 10~25, not too high, or too low ) whose reputation is under that requirement wouldn’t be able to join What is reputation? the impression from other players on you player can give exactly one Positive/Negative impression to each player Reputation = Positive - Negative How to implement this in user interface? IN-GAME: 1. design this as a button in menu where you can find players’ custom, details information 2. show the Positive/Negative impression if you gave to that player in the past Not-IN-GAME: show some logs about the impression you gave to players recently ( nice for able to change the impression if wrongly select) Main points ( IMO ) 1. this won't be pernament effect like banned from server 2. encourge people who want to have positive gameplay experience, result in more positive behaviours 3. bad reputation won't affect too much, ( banning a player from playing paid game is boring ) there are more and more "free to join" servers you may join aside from this only one reputation based server 4. positive reputation takes time to farm, ensure players to have experience 5. if griefers buy another DST copy and create new account to gain reputation, who cares? Klei get more funds, We get more events! Thanks ya Griefers! Reasons Why I'm suggesting this 1. I enjoy playing with positive players most of the time, I believe I'm not the only one 2. Love having longer run as a challenge in Dedicated server which is survival mode 3. kidnap a server isn't thing I want to do, I will never do that A little of my experience I was one of griefers in the past, DST was in early access, why am I griefing at that time? well because DST is new to me, it is strange and fun to do when first comes to me ( e.g. trying slaught all the beefalo, or just completely remove one unique resource from game by bare hands) after having some experience, tryin cooperate with others and building a friendly base, maintaining friendly game for next players I feel like it is challenging and more fun in that way, then entirely quit my griefing life
  2. Player ghosts who remain ghosts should gradually fade until they are gone (banned from server as if they were voted out) after a period of say 4 days. That's more than enough time to find a touchstone or be revived by teammates if they didn't dislike the ghost. Give them a special bar that replaces hp/belly/sanity that goes down and when it runs out their time is up. Can even be crafted item that players could give ghosts to refill slightly in the same way hearts work. Condolence or alm or something. Would also add a layer of gameplay depth in that teams struggling would have to make decisions about who to be revived first. Sometimes when votebanning isn't available troublesome players choose to remain ghosts after they die with the sole purpose of disrupting the living with no intention of playing properly. Haunting crockpot foods, draining sanity, etc. This would help curb that.