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Hard to measure silos and stuff with rockets being built from bottom to top

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If this limitation is a technical snag, can it be fixed? It's super hard to measure how many cells you need in a silo for a particular rocket :(

PLUS: Why can't you stack build orders for rockets? You have to wait for each and every module to be built before you can place another order!

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Each rocket module has the same height (it`s 4 tiles iirc). First plan how many modules you need then use the dig tool to measure that many tiles up or down o you know where to start building.

Anyway i whish you could set a module build order without the module below completed. Would help a lot.

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They are all the same size, 5 tiles high. The reasonable max would be: 1 engine, 3 fuel tanks, 1 oxidizer tank, 5 research modules, 1 command capsule. 

Anything more makes no sense. Yes, you could build 5 research, and even more sight-seeing modules onto one rocket. What for? Once you have explored the planets, the research modules become obsolete. 

So the max would be 11x5 = 55 tiles high. Add whatever you want at the top, and there you are.

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