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A type of flip-flop automation for rockets

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I'm calling this flip-flop because that's the closest I've been able to find on the Internet, but didn't quite worked out for me. The flip-flops I've seen change state from true>false>true>false etc. based on the clock.

However, I can't think of a way to make it change state every two true signals from a scanner. Why would I need that condition? Because the first signal of a scanner would mean "the rocket has flown off", whereas the second signal would mean "the rocket has landed". And so, if it has landed, I can safely transfer LOX without it evaporating in the pipes (yes, I use ceramic insulated - it's still doesn't cut it).

I can't use the memory gate because the R and S would be supplied by the same signal, making the memory gate useless.

Do I need an adder? The adders I could find were binary, though, and I don't know binary or how it translates to my problem.




OOOh, I got an epiphany but am away from PC. What about if the signal from scanner branches out and one branch goes into memory gate S, the second goes to NOT gate then R? Would that work?

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Recently I was asked by a friend on Steam for similar thing - automation to open doors each 2 cycles. It detects every two true signal, so I guess you can utilize it for your needs:


Credit goes to @Saturnus for the automation flip-flop with positive edge detector and XOR gate.

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You probably know the toggle switch. It switches state every time there's a positive signal on the input.

This should solve your issue. However, the state is reset if you save and reload between the first and second true signal. And specifically for space travel that can be an issue as the time frames can be quite long. And also the first and second true signal in this case have different meaning so it's important to keep consistency.
So you probably need the persistent memory version of the toggle switch which is a bit more complicated but not that much. Just ignore the (!) warning and the overlapping ports notification. It's a known bug and has no effect.


Or you can just not try and squeeze it into as tight a space as possible and avoid the warnings altogether. Like this.



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