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So with the impending Turn of Tides update hopefully making its way to consoles within the next few weeks I'm wondering whether it's worth starting a new world when the content comes out or continuing to wait until they've rolled everything out. The update obviously introduces the major world-gen changes of the oceans and new lunar island biome, does this mean we are safe to start a new world secure in the knowledge that any future updates will be compatible with the worlds we are currently playing in? I'd love some confirmation either way so I can get started on my new run ASAP :p


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1 hour ago, Warlockadamm said:

To be honest i really hope that the new content will be retrofited too... i have a world that has nearly all the events in (plus a super big winter feast boss shrine) and i would be really sad to lose it all....



Jokes aside, if you do have to build a new Hamton i'm more then willing to help you out :)

Lol Let's hope it doesn't come to that, but if it does we'll just build a new Hamton. With Blackjack and hookers!

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I haven't started any new worlds for quite awhile because of the RoT update, initially it was stated we would HAVE to create a new world to experience everything. Then a month or two ago it was hinted that we may not have to create a new world, but that was just a little hint and nothing was said again. So i am expecting to have to create a new world, which is ok, seeing as every new world i create gets a little bit better then the last one.

And seeing as its only 9 days away (provided nothing goes awry) i'd just wait to create one.

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