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  1. So I finally got around to finishing off the Pearl's Friendship quest-line, and I haven't got the Pearl? I completed enough tasks to get her to level 10 friendship before I had finished off the final upgrade for her house, and when I finished the last upgrade I was expecting to get the Pearl but... didn't? Anyone else had a similar sort of issue or am I missing something?
  2. Well, even without linking your worlds up this is still a game breaking bug. Going down into the caves and coming back up to the surface seems to be enough to trigger it. It doesn't crash my game but when I try to return to the surface it just generates a brand new world. So I'm stranded in the cave until this can be patched now.
  3. Well I've been getting myself established In RoG preparing to jump worlds, but reading all this I'm just going to put the game down and come back to it when they fix it. VERY frustrating to wait so long to get it after the other consoles, and now have to wait even longer to be able to play it. </3
  4. Ahh thank you for the confirmation! The main menu asks if you'd like to make your save compatible with Shipwrecked OR Hamlet so it kind of implies that you can't, good to hear otherwise. Yeah I just loaded up my old save file that was saved down in the caves, when I came back up to the surface it spat me out into a whole new one!
  5. Quick question for those who have played Hamlet on the PS4, can you only link to Shipwrecked OR Hamlet not both? AKA is it not possible to have a ROG + Shipwrecked + Hamlet world?
  6. Well the title says it all, when on earth are we going to get a Hamlet release on PS4??? I’ve been trying to be as patient as possible since the Xbox release but it’s been MONTHS and now I’m just ticked off tbh... I don’t mind if it’s still a bit far off I just want someone to give me a date, or an inkling of a date, or even a vague “early 2021” timeframe or something. Anything. Pleeeeeeease?? I will sell you my soul.
  7. I didn't get the chests with the new beards when I logged in? I also didn't seem to get my daily gift, although I don't remember getting my most recent discovery so I think that might be my daily gift and it just didn't show when logging in. But yeah, definitely haven't gotten the beards they're all locked in my curio cabinet. Ok so i got them, redeeming the Hunter's Shovel seemed to trigger it for me? Idk logging in and out multiple times didn't work but as soon as I redeemed the shovel they showed up the next time I logged in. I didn't get an animation for the shovel unwrapping on the main menu but it's in my curio cabinet so all good! Just in case anyone else has any issues with it
  8. Still not available for me I'm afraid! (Australia) UPDATE: They are now.
  9. My world doesn't seem to have any new Halloween trinkets spawned in, is anyone else having a similar issue? It's honestly not that much of an issue considering I still have stockpiles from last year but it would be nice to get into the Halloween spirit.
  10. I noticed this little gem over in the PC update branch, which I'm super excited for! Am I correct in guessing that this change hasn't been pushed to console yet considering it's not in the patch notes?
  11. I'd just like to confirm that this update has indeed fixed the infinite loading screen for me as well! Much love Klei, very happy to be playing again and looking forward to the coming content!
  12. Alas, it was short lived. I enjoyed access to the game again last night but this morning it has once again become stuck on the 'Gathering supplies' screen...
  13. I know this update wasn't intended to be a fix for the infinite log in issue, but after downloading it and booting up the application, my game soared straight through the 'logging in' screen without any issue! To make things even sweeter my daily gift for logging in was a Triumphant skin for Wendy. <3 I've tried closing the game and going back in a few times and it seems to be consistently working for me now? I'll let you know if anything changes but at least for now it seems the issue has been successfully resolved for me! Much love Klei, and I hope you can figure out what is actually behind the issue for those who are still experiencing it.
  14. I only get the infinite 'logging in' screen, it never brings up a failed dialog for me. One day I left it going while I did some other things and my PS4 ended up going into rest mode while it was still stuck on the "logging in" screen.