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  1. I didn't get the chests with the new beards when I logged in? I also didn't seem to get my daily gift, although I don't remember getting my most recent discovery so I think that might be my daily gift and it just didn't show when logging in. But yeah, definitely haven't gotten the beards they're all locked in my curio cabinet. Ok so i got them, redeeming the Hunter's Shovel seemed to trigger it for me? Idk logging in and out multiple times didn't work but as soon as I redeemed the shovel they showed up the next time I logged in. I didn't get an animation for the shovel unwrapping on the main menu but it's in my curio cabinet so all good! Just in case anyone else has any issues with it
  2. Still not available for me I'm afraid! (Australia) UPDATE: They are now.
  3. My world doesn't seem to have any new Halloween trinkets spawned in, is anyone else having a similar issue? It's honestly not that much of an issue considering I still have stockpiles from last year but it would be nice to get into the Halloween spirit.
  4. I noticed this little gem over in the PC update branch, which I'm super excited for! Am I correct in guessing that this change hasn't been pushed to console yet considering it's not in the patch notes?
  5. I'd just like to confirm that this update has indeed fixed the infinite loading screen for me as well! Much love Klei, very happy to be playing again and looking forward to the coming content!
  6. Alas, it was short lived. I enjoyed access to the game again last night but this morning it has once again become stuck on the 'Gathering supplies' screen...
  7. I know this update wasn't intended to be a fix for the infinite log in issue, but after downloading it and booting up the application, my game soared straight through the 'logging in' screen without any issue! To make things even sweeter my daily gift for logging in was a Triumphant skin for Wendy. <3 I've tried closing the game and going back in a few times and it seems to be consistently working for me now? I'll let you know if anything changes but at least for now it seems the issue has been successfully resolved for me! Much love Klei, and I hope you can figure out what is actually behind the issue for those who are still experiencing it.
  8. I only get the infinite 'logging in' screen, it never brings up a failed dialog for me. One day I left it going while I did some other things and my PS4 ended up going into rest mode while it was still stuck on the "logging in" screen.
  9. I've tried it a couple times in a row now and it seems to be consistently letting me log in with the second account every time, whereas my main account just always hangs on the 'logging in' screen. I see the character faces as well, no question marks on my end either.
  10. I just tried this with a second account and it does indeed work! Which is very interesting The other account I was able to login with didn't have PS+ if that information matters.
  11. Thanks for the quick response! Just tried clearing and then disabling dynamic content, unfortunately it doesn't seem to have helped the situation. I hope we can pinpoint the problem soon
  12. Was super excited to wake up this morning and see this update downloading after weeks of not being able to play the game! Safe to say I was incredibly disappointed to load the game up and see that the endless loading screen when logging in from the start menu that has made the game unplayable has not been addressed. Any word on a fix?
  13. I can indeed, unfortunately all my worlds were created online so none of them are accessible I'll try deleting/reinstalling today to see if that changes anything and I'll let you know. Thanks again for your efforts, hope it's resolved real soon, I need my Don't Starve fix.
  14. I can upload a screenshot if you like, but it's definitely getting stuck on the "Logging in..." screen as opposed to the "Loading..." screen. I'm not sure what KU is/where to find that? I've been checking it periodically for the last three days and it's been consistently like that, so it doesn't seem to be going away for me. Thanks for getting back to us!
  15. Just checking, can everyone else actually log in and play on the PS4 now? I still can't access anything, infinite loading screen, can only connect offline