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How can I create an alert or early warning if my generators stop functioning?

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So any time my power generators experience some random issue, I usually find out when my batteries are all dead. Then I have to scramble with limited power to locate the issue, like maybe my petroleum refining wasn’t keeping up or I had accidentally deleted a pipe and forgot about it. Another example, I had my petroleum rocket automatically refuel each time it landed, and of course it’s connected to my main petroleum supply, and now I have zero reserve. 

There’s got to be a way to notify me so I can see something is wrong. I don’t know if there’s a way to make a notification pop up, but I could use automation to make rapidly flickering lights, and place the lights around certain areas. The problem is how do I determine if power plants stop running? I tried using pipe sensors, but those are unreliable because the gas and liquid flows have gaps in it. Maybe a pipe element sensor for petroleum with a 30 second buffer, but that wouldn’t help if the supply is slow or intermittent. So what’s a good way to warn against accidental brownouts?



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A regular door submerged gives the flooding notification when open. But no notification when closed.

Make a pulser that opens and closes a door in this manor when there's no power, and you can hardly avoid noticing.

If that's not enough. Disable bathrooms when there's no power. You'll quickly notice when dupes start making a mess everywhere.


If you don't know how to make a power outage sensor to trigger the warning mechanism then I posted a solution to that as well here

Or you can use a smart battery with very low charge trigger setting. Just note that a smart battery trigger can fail if the battery gets out of sync with those that trigger generators.

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3 hours ago, SharraShimada said:

There is also a mod on steam with an alert sensor. It can be triggered by anything, but not configured yet. So you may build more of them, but every one will just state "alert", with no description. If you only want one this mod is for you.

That mod is called Alarm. If you combine that with the battery sensor from Sensory Overload, then you can make an alarm if the batteries are below say 10% combined. Sure you could use a smart battery, but the battery sensor is a lot more accurate if you mix smart batteries with jumbo batteries.


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