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A little suggestion about Wormwood

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My friends was playing Wormwood on my game last day and we really like it !

He is reliable on other players, like Wortox for living log farming even if a treeguard is not that much a deal on early or just for healing himself, making cool traps and a unique armor... And I've almost forget to mention the new seed forests concept that appeared on the game


But yet, I feel like something is missing about plants, the relation with him it not that usefull :

- fast sanity changes by planting / destroying plants

- many uses with eyeplants

- that's pretty much it

- isn't there in DST a boring mechanism that may make Wormwood pretty useful on it ?


Let's have a chat about Plant Disease !

You can't prevent this unless you dig your plants every 50 days, that may sound manageable but you have many other things to do,

If you keep an eye on your plants, it's possible to save the plant before it trigger, but if you was on a trip out of your base or farming, it's to late, you've lost a plant (Wormwood is not happy about that)

And if you just don't give a poop about what you've planted, you're gonna lose a lot of them cause Disease spread very fast


So yeah, Disease is something that players fear, cause of that, we don't see that much plantations on public servers (it can be handled on solo or friend group)

There's a big contrast of what base building looks like in the solo game and DST about berry bush, grass, all this stuff...

To be honest, it's well done, I'm not criticizing the Disease mechanism unlike expected, cause it's somethingt that've been editing the game behavior a lot


But now we have Wormwood, he take care of plants, Disease was been... unmodified for a long time, don't you think the Green Thumb tab should have a recipe for curing diseased plant, maybe an edit on the Compost Wrap that can apply on plants too, or maybe it may not trigger the Disease timer when he plant one

What do you think ? 1screen.png.be04cf32080cc098768f8789f097f61f.png

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In my opinion, disease needs to be reworked completely because most people just turn it off since it's mostly a nuisance to re-plant when you are already busy like you mentioned.

Like RogueGamer12 said, that's a really cool idea to give Wormwood some kind of interaction with the disease mechanic, but unless the mechanic is changed more than just how Wormwood would interact with disease, it'll probably stay disabled by most until it's changed.

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