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How about make events forge/gorge always playable

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idea: Events is like separate games or Dlc's who cost some money, players hosting them with own hosts, they getting levelUps same like in original events. Getting event drops, these skins are usable only in these event games/dlc's when player wants port them to original dst he must get full collection with these items and buy them in dst game half price lower form existing. for cheat abusers making matches very easy :each player can get event skin deal only once in month. or 30% discount next time, then 15% next, and 0% waiting a month sets discount back to 50%

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As far as I understand, the reason why klei does not make any purchasable dlc is to keep the community united, making another playstyle would divide the players even if it is free and the servers available would be decreased for the main playstyle of the game.


Also, players should not be able to host their own game, it gives them the chance of making mods for the events making them easy as you said and leveling up, and even if klei took measures on this it would take them  too much time and resources and we would git gud new content like RoT less often. Why klei doesn't host these gameplays for us then? Because server hosting = $$$ (?) .

So, Forge and Gorge are good, but not that good to stay around and interrupt the progress of the main game. DST should remain what it is:  an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic.


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