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Add Specification to Auto-Wrangling Surplus

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With the current auto-wrangle system, the critter wrangled as surplus is completely random and, sometimes I end up losing a baby, or pregnant, critter... for their meat. This, ultimately, leads to the extinction of those critters, and makes long-term critter farming (at least in my set up) not a viable option for a sustainable food source.

I really feel like the Dupes should be auto-wrangling the oldest critters automatically, however, maybe there really should be an option to specify auto-wrangling surplus, depending on the ranch's intended purpose. Like Elderly critters, who no longer can provide eggs to further the ranch.. so they're only good for meat. But, again, a range might be necessary to avoid more cramped/overcrowding debuffs while waiting for the critters to get old.

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