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broken thermo senso

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Your sensor is stuck in a vacuum. It only updates when there is a liquid or gas to measure.

If you want the full story, the code is this:

	public void Sim200ms(float dt)
		if (this.simUpdateCounter < 8)
			int i = Grid.PosToCell(this);
			if (Grid.Mass[i] > 0f)
				this.temperatures[this.simUpdateCounter] = Grid.Temperature[i];

You need to increase the simUpdateCounter in order to update the output, but it doesn't update when the mass is 0.

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5 minutes ago, Gurgel said:

Just add a pressure sensor and some logic to deal with this case.

But what if there is oxygen on the pressure sensor and vacuum on the thermo sensor? In fact why is the thermo sensor needed? Just measure the temperature of the pipe content to keep that stable and add oxygen when pressure is below a certain threshold. You don't actually need to know the temperature of the oxygen. You know indirectly because if there is a pressure, it's in gas form. If there is a vacuum, it's cold enough.

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