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Co op strategies you use?

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If it's someone I know I can trust, I try to coordinate efforts: see whats needed, or what are we aiming for as a team and try to help with that. If I can't find a common goal or help in whatever they are doing, I just try to figure a new goal that would benefit us.

If its people I don't know, then I'll be the next 20 minutes like...



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With people I don't know, it's a mix of watching and randomly trying to figure out what to do.  With someone I DO know...well, basically it makes it so that the burden of exploring/getting resources and then MAKING stuff with them back at base (including the base itself) no longer falls on just me, and things start moving ahead much faster. 

For example, at the now long gone "Camp One-Foot-in-the-Grave"...


(where we somehow got this odd tradition of, every time we hit a new (to me) hundred dary marker, somebody would make a sign commemorating it) I sometimes played in a group of...mixed experience levels, usually by myself, but often with one good friend.  And it just so happens that her favourite part of the game IS base-building, and I'd rather freeze/overheat than turtle at base through the worse seasons--I get THAT bored--so we just kind of...accidented into caveman gender roles.  : P  One stays home and takes care of the dwelling, one goes out and gets food/beats things up. 

Things sped WAY up then, the base got much nicer than I could've done myself (My idea of "decorating" in the Sims is usually "What, I gave you a wallpaper with patterns on it AND a plant!  Shut up!") and much more and better resources started becoming available because I didn't have to keep coming home to get another crockpot meal and therefore cut my exploring short, because, there was more food available, so I could take more/better foods with me.  She even LITERALLY had dinner ready on the crockpot a few times, when I staggered in starving!  Hunter-Gatherer Wigfrid + "housewife" appears to work really well, as a team strategy.  Especially when the base-building person is actually way better a player than you.  : P

The fact that both us AND our characters were girls just makes this even more amusing...oh, and by the way, Happy Pride 2019.  ;)


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