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Wagstaff's Teleportation on Followers

Machine Reaper

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Okay I don't know if this is a feature or bug but when you use Wagstaff's Teleport Umbrella and have any Followers along,

All of them will spawn nearby you on Teleport pad including Beefalo that your riding.

But Chester will be left behind where you teleported from.

Basically he will remain stuck there and won't move or go near you until you get near him.

I have not tested this with Ro Bin/Packim yet but is this intended?

cause it seems quite weird that your temporary followers will spawn right next to you but not Chester.

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5 hours ago, Hatano Eichero said:

I don't think it matters too much, followers teleport a bit more than a screen away from us when we go to far, as we all know.

Yes but in my case Chester remains in the sport where I teleported from, like two biomes away and I had his bone with me, he didn't move or get near me until I went allll the way back to him and only when I got in screen view distance is when he moved back near me.

5 hours ago, inferjus4 said:

My Chester always spawns there where I teleport to, no matter if I use Telebrella when standing on Telepad or not.

it must have been patched then with the recent bug fix, I will check again as I have not played with Wagstaff since recent update.

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