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Questions about trading and item drops

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Heya! I have some questions about trading and drops that I will list here.

1. How often do you get item drops? (Or how much time in between)

2. What is the chance of getting an item you can sell or trade in drops?

3. What is the chance of getting an item that is more on the rare side?

4. What is the maximum daily/weekly/monthly gift number as of June 2019?

5. Do you get the same amount of gifts if you are idle rather then playing the game?

Thanks! :D


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1. 8 per week, plus 7 daily gifts just for logging in.  Delay between drops is random but usually around 2 hours.

2. I don't have the numbers off hand, but know that some of the untradable sets are not currently dropping (Victorian, for instance) and portraits and icons are excluded.  The ratio will change as the character updates are rolled out, since tradable versions of character-specific skin sets will become heirloom quality and no longer drop, while the new versions of those items that still drop will be untradable.  

3. Klei stated the chances when they first rolled out the new drop system.  Elegant skins are now 3% I think, up from 0.5% previously.

4. 1 daily (resetting at 3 Pacific) plus hypothetically all 8 weekly drops if you play for 16+ hours, 15 in a week, and about 60 in a month.  This is up significantly from 16/month under the old system.

5. Yes.

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