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I've been thinking that the bramble husk, when imported to dst, should be beefed. The reasons are the following: 

- In DS, armor values stack. In DST it doesnt

- In DST bramble protection won't help vs anything

- In DST part of the point of character specific items is that other players can make use of it too. (With a few exceptions, like Lucy)

So with this In mind this is my take of how I'd like the armor to behave in DST:

- Let it have the same durability as a log suit (currently in DS it has a lower value)

- Let it have the same protection as a log suit (In DS it has only 65% against 80% of log suits)

- Let it replace the bramble protection with DST compatible spiky things, like cactus and spiky bush.

- Damage dealt to melee attackers: Same

This is the bare minimum I'd expect from it, to be a slightly better log suit. Now to make it a truly interesting item, I'd add one more thing:

- Let the armor be a living plant, and thus during daytime it will slowly regain some of its own lost durability. It should be very slow though, im talking about 8%-12% regained a day on average (It will depend on daylight duration, and being on the outside world). If it reaches 0% durability it will break like any other armor. The logic behind this is because it is made with living logs which, despite the fact that wormwood can make them, is still an expensive and magical item.

With the aforementioned changes, even if im not using wormwood, I'd definately offer a Wormwood bone shards and 2 healing salves to make me an armor. I can also forsee low durability bramble husks left on a corner of any surface base so they catch some sunlight, and then picked up 10 days later when they are at 100% again.

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On ‎2019‎-‎05‎-‎24 at 10:47 AM, ShadowDuelist said:

- Let it replace the bramble protection with DST compatible spiky things, like cactus and spiky bush.

Yes, please!

Thanks for putting this here, I was thinking of doing that myself. Let's hope Klei sees your post! :wilson_dorky:

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