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No City, No Palace?


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I been recently going at Hamlet and decided to check out the Second Island and...it seems like the the city is missing?? Theres only 6 of the shops from the second island and nothing more. I decided to map out most of the corners and there has been no luck. World gen glitch? Was planning to unlock Wilba on this run but it seems the palace vanished... maybe im missing something?

Screenshot (138).png

Screenshot (136).png

Screenshot (137).png

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3 hours ago, Majestix said:

You can try


in the console, and if it's really not there, you can try to spawn it in.

Yeah it's confirmed there's no Pig Palace pretty crazy. I'll go ahead and spawn it in :)


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8 hours ago, Jason said:

Your second pig town seems real small. Something happened in world gen I think. Sending us your save game might help us find the cause. 

Though not as severe has OP's case, I also had my city on the first island cut off into just moss turf.


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