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Trash bin is already here! But only for equipment

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http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?11175-Gameplay-Unequipping-tool-with-no-room-in-pocketsSorry if this is a known issue. This post is for all those ppl who hate to leave 2% spears, 8% helmet or 4% armor etc somewhere in a world / chests / ...Update: Items doesn't disappear in this way, they just teleports to world's origin T____T Edited by AlexXsWx
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Actually people are forgetting that there is a viable trash can out there,even though it is a hassle to get it will get rid of your items,be it equipment be it random trash......This is a job for Krampus!When you call him put all your trash* near your place,and look and smile as he puts all your trash* in his sack,and once his sack is full he will take the trash* away from your island!You can call him by slaughtering innocent creatures,and he will clean your mess up for free!No questions asked,no troubles but to actually summon Kram-trashdisposer-pus!So wait no longer and become naughty to get rid of all your trash*!*Krampus sees everything as trash,so only have actual trash in your viccinity.He also hates chests for a reason unknown.Do not hinder him in his work or he will get angry.

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