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Refinery issues {annoyance}

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I recently added a refinery to my line of tools. However, there is an issue with the design of the refinery object.

The output for the "extra heated water" (Which is near steam levels), is right where the super-hot metal exits. This has a compounding effect of creating steam in the pipes, at almost any normal (game-settled) temperatures as input temps, while it operates in the "hot surroundings". Having the machine sitting in water does not help. There is an odd delay between consumption, creation and water ejection. Thus, the machine heats-up, heats the surrounding air. Then the hot metal falls next to the output pipe, creating more heat. Then, the hot water exits, rather excessively but slowly, through the focal point of the full heat. (Water only delays the inevitable as it eventually heats-up to boil and hurt the workers and make heat removal near impossible.)

I would suggest moving the pipe UP to the top of the machine, where one would normally expect it. Also, possibly, eject the metal beyond the end of the mini-conveyor not directly below it. (So we may drop it off the edge of a floor or into a "hole", for cooling, before collection.) Honestly, if anything, that is where the POWER should be. Both water connections should be on the left-side. Cold on the bottom, hot on the top. (Just in case you ever decide to actually include realistic thermal properties into the game. Heat rising and cold falling. Thus, it heats the air, not the, already overheated machine and floors.)

To aid in transition of design change... If we have the OLD refinery, include a pipe connection from the old location to the new location, avoiding the old connection area. That way it will not break anyone's existing game setups, if you update it.

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In a normal scenario you shouldn`t let water change to steam in the pipes. Instead you should use colder water or a different coolant (crude oil works pretty nice). The interior of the machine doesn`t transfer heat. All the heat around comes from the pipes. If you insulate those there will be much less transfer and the area won`t heat up too much. As for the hot metal comming out of the machine you can just use an auto sweeper to move it away fast but form my experience the amounts produced don`t heat up the area significantly.

I don`t really see a reason to switch the piping inputs around.

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You´re smelting and refining raw ore to pure metals. What do you expect? The byproduct is heat, lots of heat, and even more heat. 

Its part of the refining system to get this under control. 

You can, btw. bypass this, if you use a rock crusher. The downside is, you "loose" 50% of the raw ore. But it does not heat anything.

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