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  1. Oddly, that has been a display "feature" for years. I am not sure why it would change the population-count... We don't reduce the population of the USA every time someone jumps in an airplane and visits another country. Perhaps they need two values, but honestly, just the "actual population" is the important one, which they don't correctly incidacte. Should be... (I say Total, because that is what we plan around, determining if we adopt another dupe. As well as "Grounded", or "Home/Here" or "Exploring".) Population: Total Dupes, period. (Not the same as a local "body count", but in the game, that is what they display.) Exploring: Total dupes in rockets. Grounded: Total dupes not in space. (Total of all rocks "body counts". AKA: the current number they display as "population".) Home: Total dupes in the starting location. (If playing "space-out") Away: Total dupes on the ground, but not at home. (Not in space, or possibly also in space too. Better to NOT count space. We just want to see how many dupes are "not here", so we can figure out where we left them, to get them back, or send more to visit them on another rock.) Here: Total dupes "here", which is not "home", when at a teleported location.
  2. Do the masks also protect from slime-lung? Can't get slime-lung if you aren't breathing, right?
  3. Surely it is not intended. Comical though... It checks for the "ready state", but doesn't lock-out the controls, once ready, or check them again, before launch. Guess they never expected anyone to reduce fuel capacity, after increasing it, and filling it. Sounds more like an oversight than a bug. Maybe they should lock-out the ability to launch it while it is paused... Or force a re-check of the "set level", as opposed to the "quantity loaded".
  4. Notice the warning at the top, left of the screen... "No oxygen generator built"... That's your bug... You can't breath oxygen if you are not creating it! Welcome to "Oxygen not included"... The solution is in the title of the game. You need to create the "non-included oxygen"... (Kindly, they gave you some to start, so the title is actually a lie. Obviously, you used it all up. Time to make some more now.) That pump is obviously sucking out all the oxygen. As stated, you have only 22.4mg... Normally you should have about 1-2kg (1,000-2,000g) {1,000,000-2,000,000mg}... You have [0.022g], you should have 2,000g for most living spaces. The gas, which is present, is "a breathable gas"... It's just not at "breathable levels". You do realize that 22mg is about the size of a pill, like a multi-vitamin... A pills worth of oxygen, expanded to the space of about a cubic meter. (3'x3') Hard to live off that tiny bit of air. Leave your door open, there is slightly more air outside the air-lock... But you see it is purple, so it is "barely breathable", as opposed to being "unbreathable" when it is red. When it turns "blue", that is normal breathing levels.
  5. Same issue here, repeatedly. Resolution is simply to close and open the window again. Then it is just less-misaligned, but still a little shifted to the side of the check-boxes.
  6. This also happens when using toilets and when operating the manual ore-crusher. (However, I am playing on an older version. Apparently, the issue still exists. Wrong animation ID sequence loading. I thought it may have been a mod issue, but this happens without mods too.) The issue, for me, corrected itself with a full game reload. I have only seen this after hours of playing. So, if I had to guess, it could be related to some "clean-up event", which should be freeing-up memory. Perhaps hitting the wrong cell of data, resulting in a default "0" animation being played, as opposed to the actual event ID animation for the item.
  7. Sounds like a pathing failure... They only expel waste when they "stop moving" or "can't move". Just like Morbs. If the pathing has failed, and they see no new location to move to, they would just sit and spit. I wonder if they died and the game just didn't remove them, after death. (Possibly explaining the inability to interact with them. Reloading would then just activate a new Puft, since it recorded a Puft at that location.) Any way you could check the age of one that you knew had "frozen", from a prior save. Then check the age of the one after reloading, to see if it just respawned a replacement Puft with a newborn age?
  8. I wonder if that has something to do with the hidden "block", which is actually under the farm tile. (Eg, if you make the tile out of sandstone, there is actually a sandstone block, in code, in the air-space of the tile. Normally only used to calculate thermal properties. But, maybe in this instance, it is also adopting the slime-lung too. Since, in code, that sandstone isn't really there, the slime-lung doesn't decay, as slime-lung seems to grow within blocks. Also seen when you build a floor tile next to a slime-lung infected block of slime or algae.) This one is as interesting as the one where there was 200-tons of water in one block, gassing-out millions of "polluted oxygen", which trapped the water in a corner, under the gas-bubble it was creating. Also polluted with something like 20-billion food-poisoning germs. But that was created by the map itself.