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Merge Steam inventory content with PS4 inventory content?

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I don’t know if this has been asked before. Maybe I did I don’t know but I’d really like to do this. For example, I have purchased Wortox on Steam and I don’t want to purchase him again just to play him on PS4. Do you think it’s possible to merge inventories/klei accounts so that this can be made possible?

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I'm mainly a PS4 player, but I would totally purchase DST on Steam if we could somehow connect accounts and merge skin unlocks. There are a few skins I want very much at the moment, but I'll need to wait months for them to (randomly) drop for me. This is also compounded by timeliness Klei can reinstate the holiday events, of course (all the love, Klei; I understand about the late updates). However, on PC, you can just trade/buy skins from other players easy; this would be obviously ideal, but might be tricky to be implement, if it can be at all. All depends on the logistics from Sony and how they allow certain things to fly or not. Here's hoping for some type of trading system between players in the future!

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