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  1. There's chip damage after you dodge the spell, thermal covers the freeze one. for the fire spell usually i used speed boost to run outside the range to cancel it. Woodie with his natural beard causes you to take more damage from freeze spell. does it work on stacked lights?
  2. can you elaborate on the inventory effectiveness? is it better for non wurts to keep sunfish in inventory rather than insulated pack? this might be a stretch based on your explanation, but can you swap ice and fire fishes between inventory and backpack to avoid elemental damage vs klaus? (especially fire damage)
  3. no hot dragon chili salad and scorched sunfish don't work. However, you can balance dwarf and polar stars to do it with other characters. loot might catch fire tho if mob dies under dwarf.
  4. An overlooked Wx perk, standing on a stack of polar lights for high sanity regen. Useful for enlightenment crown tanking while overcharged. You can wear milkmade hat, night armor, and dark sword without losing sanity with enough stars. Not an op damage or meta but a funny niche for WX on top of the high sanity.
  5. Assuming you have all the 6x buffs, and considering the dps lost constantly eating, is milkmade hat a stronger damage item for wolfgang?
  6. Distance based protection from sinkholes, like a circle radius would solve the problem i think.
  7. I know the forums search bar is somewhat broken or i haven't figured how to use it properly, but shouldn't there be a way to search "insulated pack" in the thread? That would be helpful to solve the possibly repeated tips
  8. you got 99 problems but flint ain't one
  9. Here, but i argued that wasnt the case from my gameplay experience and friends
  10. Same ai reaction from bees you remember when the beequeen first came out and people used fences maze to separate grumble bees? the fences had to have an opening or they fly over them fun fact: butterflies act the same way too
  11. From my experience they always fly over walls if you completely wall them in, but if you leave an opening (preferably away from your entrance) they will fly there instead
  12. Lakhnish channel is a goldmine for unknown mechanics, highly recommended to check the full channel and reading each description and his comments as well as his followed channels. BTW do we have a thread similar to this for DS?
  13. Plot-twist, we actually get to play charlie! Probably not but hopefully one day plz klei. Beautiful trailer as always, looking forward to the hollowed nights and the new character