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  1. i think i misunderstood a typo you probably meant "unlike" wendy and wigfrid what's your solo method and how early is that?
  2. Tell that to the traumatized beequeen seeing wendy coming with her marble clanks. wigfrid does have a good upstart in the spear and armor, reminds me of a certain day 8-10 toadstool rush.
  3. I know the forums search bar is somewhat broken or i haven't figured how to use it properly, but shouldn't there be a way to search "insulated pack" in the thread? That would be helpful to solve the possibly repeated tips
  4. Milkmade hat because real wolfgang mains fight raw . You can use garlic seasoned jelly beans if you're feeling wimpy. But seriously, the inconsistent speed and the attack speed bug are so annoying for a no damage dfly fight Watch your tongue, poop smearer plant! "DOES THE ORGANIC NOT KNOW HE IS FLAMMABLE?"
  5. you got 99 problems but flint ain't one
  6. I recommend this mod! it only adds hamlet characters. Wagstaff blurry vision isnt exactly the same but manageable. Also his trinket hunting and danger signs are coded in!
  7. Yes only Maxwell can read the codex, and according to Wortox he hasn't unlocked its potential. I see where you're coming from like Walter preventing the port of Wheeler for being a similar role. Time did pass since single player don't starve so we can expect new inventions or an evolution of how they work! Both Wormwood and Warly are distinct from their previous versions.
  8. Think of it like Wicker and Maxwell, they are both the magicians and can read each other's books. I'd love to see him create a dynamic with Winona and WX
  9. waaaaitttt whaaat? when? do they perfectly combine all your belongings or you lose some when you merge to another? (like one account dominates and deletes the other content) The merging page shows me steam + epic store only
  10. This, it would solve a lot of unnecessary problems for people who have both like the redeeming codes issue, shipwrecked birdcage and the plushes, as well as bypassing the annoying PlayStation store restriction. My region is UAE store i literally cant buy skins or DLC characters only through weaving. i had the account for over 5 yrs, I am not making a new one I am aware that you can redeem codes through klei account but that still doesn't all the issues.
  11. Wow, i admire you coming out and understanding your shortcomings! don't give up this game is super worth it and id give anything to experience that curve again. All you need is to sustain yourself for a year by discovering or looking up important info about the world, that's all you're lacking. i recommend the cookbook to use the in-game methodology to see the stats of food and paying attention to your stats when you try new stuff. be adventurous, experiment like Wilson and have a genuine laugh at the many silly ways you can die!