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  1. As far as i know there is no other way to start the fight, you dont have to spawn the tentacles that close to the hive. 8x8 grass wall and 5 books are enough a bit further from the hive.
  2. Since tentacles dont have an AOE, bringing followers or planting spider dens nearby will slowly clear them. Alternatively you can use gunpowder. A single catapult works too that u can hammer later if u have winona.
  3. Thank you for the reply. Will the new characters be purchasable as DLC and therefore shareable? they probably wont be available in my account region PSN (UAE) for purchase as well. Can i expect chests to be available in the future in my store?
  4. Regarding the new update, are the chests and skins shared on other accounts on the same playstation by activating buyer account as primary? for example: when you buy DST its shared, ROG and Shipwrecked for DS its also shared. what about the skins and chests? "account only" like some games currencies or shared? (Sadly the dlcs arent available for purchase in my main account PSN)
  5. Try using the moving command?
  6. Possible Error in Chest

    Its only a visual bug, my friends got year of pig king items
  7. If you are on PC, look for despawning the pond with console commmand as a last resort. However, If you are on console pray for a patch or start another world if possible. *some people reported sinkhole, tufts, and items spawning inside or very near pig king preventing the event.
  8. You can get single items if their rarity is higher than common and classy iirc, if below you get a chest.
  9. This perfect drop that @Marco BRgot shows what’s in the chest: spring skins year of the pig king year of the varg
  10. No, sorry for any misinformation
  11. *Stares at 20 red caps in his inventory as maxwell* hmmm
  12. Yup. “Less plans” to nerf, more to make each unique.
  13. I think just a toggle to switch it on/off and a button remap in the options will make this feature perfect. Along with crockpot taking priority over lazy explorer teleportation, tired of teleporting by mistake XD. Oh and increasing the range of certain ranged items with the aiming circle will certainly help!