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  1. Hi there! theres no silly questions feel free to ask away! 1- The daily reward works for both account as long as both log in, main screen for 1st player and after pressing options on the second controller. you have 7 daily gifts and 8 in-game hourly drops a week. Both of you should receive a the daily log in drop but its limited to only once a day based on a fixed time everyday. 2- In order to initiate the Antlion fight you must feed it a hot or cold (recommended to freeze) thermal stone first. if you're unsure about a game mechanic i recommend checking the wiki to get a general idea 3- That is true, the camera is closer in the caves for all versions of the game and you can't change it unless you use a mod (pc only) 4- To force the game to save simply exit the server, to verify this start the server again you'll be in the same spot. also if you roll back in the next 5 days the game will remember this exact moment you exited and load it. I hope that helped!
  2. Yes plz, iirc dont starve shipwrecked (PS4) used an intuitive system to control the coconade bomb circle with the right stick. i am suprised it wasnt implemented as such in dst and especially on wortox
  3. Here, but i argued that wasnt the case from my gameplay experience and friends
  4. Same ai reaction from bees you remember when the beequeen first came out and people used fences maze to separate grumble bees? the fences had to have an opening or they fly over them fun fact: butterflies act the same way too
  5. From my experience they always fly over walls if you completely wall them in, but if you leave an opening (preferably away from your entrance) they will fly there instead
  6. Lakhnish channel is a goldmine for unknown mechanics, highly recommended to check the full channel and reading each description and his comments as well as his followed channels. BTW do we have a thread similar to this for DS?
  7. Plot-twist, we actually get to play charlie! Probably not but hopefully one day plz klei. Beautiful trailer as always, looking forward to the hollowed nights and the new character
  8. ive been discussing this with friends that noticed a different spider den growth after the update that seem slower and off. Then i decided to report it again. literally one day before ROT update i was playing with a friend who was webber, constantly replanting spider dens and crafting new ones for 2 in game years straight. I just talked to him and he also reported the same experience. this isnt a new feature right? i never noticed this while playing webber, my worlds were always spider conquest as webber
  9. its happening even when theres only two dens near base, ive had several friends notice this bug as well
  10. Just wanna confirm this again for future patch, spider dens are behaving in a wierd way after rot update. Some dens stuck in tier 1 for what seems like forever.
  11. Cant open map as any woodie were-transformation, also oddly spider dens are not growing (increase in tier from 1 to 2 etc). also theres weird discoloration on land edges (near sea) on both surface and caves