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2 Suggestions: Container Search & Quarantine

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Hey Posting this here because I really couldn't find much info. Great game so far!
If not already planned:

1.Will there be anyway to search your containers for specific materials you might need to check/uncheck?

2. a way to quarantine dupes to the medbay when they catch slimelung/diseases? Maybe I missed something but I couldn't find a way to do it unless you hulahoop with door mechanics.


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7 hours ago, SharraShimada said:

Dupes wont leave the sickbay if they dont need to. This means, you have to provide a toilet and food to them.

Would have been nice to be able to provide said food and toilet without adding them to same room... It is unhygienic to do everything in same room.  And in case of food, I'm pretty sure other dupes will still try to get food from 'medical fridge' 

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Unfortunately, quarantines are a manual thing.

If you have the food in a "fridge", sitting in a room of chlorine, behind a locked door... they can still grab food from it. Keep it at the back of the hospital area, which should be far away from places to eat, sleep, break, and cook anyways. (Put it in the engine room. :P)

Sickness isn't as bad as it was, thankfully.

I have never even used my massage tables, or medical bay, for anything other than injuries from burns. (Dupes seem to be stupid and like to linger in hot places that kill, quite often. Trying to handle molten metals and hot minerals too, unsuited.)

Don't mine in places with germs, until you can manage them. If your toilets are setup correctly, and your "accidents"... You should never get sick.

Make a new schedule for every dupe. Offset sleep and potty-breaks. You will only ever need two toilets and sinks for up to 24 dupes. (Well, two toilets and sinks on each side of the map, to stop "too far" accidents. Also, keep compost away from toilets, at a dead-end, with two sinks there too. Buddy-plants are awesome germ-killers for slime-lung. They dominate the germ-area. The only fear would be zombie-spores, but suits protect against that. (Just don't pump zombie-spore petroleum into your base for anything!)

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