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Unwanted changes in Hamlet connected Vanilla worlds


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I made this post to adress minor but annoying problems if you startHamlet DLC with your Vanilla world. I already made an entry in the EA bug section but it hadn't been aknowledged. Some may like it but I would like the option to turn them off.

Here are the problems:

  1. Hamlet doesn't exlude glaciers and molehills in the world generation. They will appear in the Vanilla world.
  2. Several rooms were changed. The most noticeable change is the mosaic biome with a rocky underground, several gold nuggets and increased tallbird nests. This make the start much more easier. (Vanilla/RoG))
  3. Land masses are very prone to connect and the overall appeareance of the world is more continental. (Vanilla/RoG)

Maybe it's intended. Thoughts?

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It more less is intended though probably oversighted. Hamlet contains all the mechanics from other DLC under its roof (that's why there is wetness and you are able to row boats), so when a Vanilla world is made compatible with it, it has the DLC content leak into it.

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16 minutes ago, Caochu said:

Being curious, does it also alter the umbrella and add mechanics like wetness and overheating in the vanilla world ?

Yes it does

It also adds moleworms to them


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Oh woah, that could be a surprise for some people that don't know about it and that won't make the connection with RoG I guess.


Beware of the spoilage from the crockpot and drying racks ! Good ol'times


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