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why isn't team deathmatch a thing?

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4 hours ago, DiLLiGaS said:

team deathmatches but nobody wants to play it .. have i just adressed the wrong audiences or what?

The "wrong audience" might be it (yet there were certain polls - A & B just to point 2 of them - here some time ago an a relative 30 to 45% of respondents self-declared interested in PvP, aka potential audience ...if properly re-balanced). Also, again, the fact DST is not balanced for PvP - and a Mighty Wolf equals pretty much Game Over for the rest of them contenders; or a STS Wicker; likewise day 0 geared Wig. Seems Spawn Camping-Kill is a thing as well.


Make a balanced mod for intended purpose and advertise it in DST Server Bulletin; perhaps a Steam Group too. Try to get visibility and traction for your desired game mode if you truly are into it and want to garner following.

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I second this, wish there was a balanced pvp team based thing, not just deathmatch, also objective based, like stealing resources from the other team strategically in certain time, or having to defend your team's pig.

Sounds easy in pen and paper but I know it would mean a lot of balancing rework for the game mode, both of characters, items, mobs, events, etc but cheerios if anyone want to make that, I'd play.

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