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Ideas for the Deerclops

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So basically I was thinking what if the Deerclops had a life cycle much like the Tallbirds and Beefalo. He is the only monster that destroys player made structures (with the exception of fire hounds and Krampus). I think he deserves a some more background information like where was he hiding all summer? is their more of him and if so where? I think he should have his own biome/island (much like how there are pig houses surrounded by water with only one way to get across) that is always in winter where their could be a family of Deerclops. But this island will be VERY tough to get onto and should be very late game goal to achieve. He also seems to be the guardian of winter being the toughest enemy in the game currently. He should drop more loot that some meat and his eye maybe some of his fur? which could help make a better version of the puffy vest to keep you warm in winter.tl:dr Deerclops life cycle and more loot when killed

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He lives in a cave and hibernates during the summer. There's actually a whole colony living in the cave which is why when you kill one, another one shows up. Unfortunately, Klei has decided not to allow us to find the entrance to this cave and that's why you didn't know about it.Edit:

When caves are added (they've been strongly hinted at, I'm pretty sure they're coming) there should be one where the Deerclops sleep during the summer.

I actually wrote this before reading what you said... oops.
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