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  1. Spooky. Looks like I'm going camping on the graveyard to investigate this phenomenon...
  2. Ahahahaha, brilliantThis was all part of Maxwell's scheme I'm sure
  3. Great idea, disasters would certainly spice things up quite a bit. And here's a fun idea for a disaster/event I would love to see; Alien encounter Effect: Vilzon the alien (who looks like a green-skinned Wilson with antennas) lands his crystal potato ship and runs around collecting grass and twigs for his advanced alien research. On sight, he will shoot at the player with his dart blaster. He is also very rude and will steal stuff from the player's camp. His ship's greenish glow lights up the entire world faintly. He can't die, but if he takes enough damage he will panic and run back to his ship and leave the planet. Time/Place: Any night, very rarely (the ship's greenish light lets you leave your camp to investigate without having to fear the grue, but once Vilzon leaves the darkness will return, so keep a torch with you) Prevented By: Can't be prevented. You will always know when he is in the world because of the greenish lighting he causes, and will know that he leaves when it goes back to normal. He will always leave at morning, or when he feels he has collected enough resources to move on to the next planet (aka at random). Avoid him until then, or wear a bush hat and stand completely still to make sure he doesn't notice you if he comes too close.
  4. After making a huge fort out of a massive amount of rocks I went to gather some food before nightfall. While picking up some rock, I got pecked by a tallbird resulting in me only having a tiny bit of health left. I ran back towards the fort. I met a pig on the way, gave him some meat and he came back to the fort with me. I went inside the fort and closed the entrance, and thought to myself that no monster would be able to reach me in here, I was totally safe from the outside world, and the pig was there to keep me company so I wouldn't feel so lonely and isolated. Then the pig turned into a werepig and murdered me.
  5. When caves are added (they've been strongly hinted at, I'm pretty sure they're coming) there should be one where the Deerclops sleep during the summer.
  6. So it's harder to stay alive in winter? Good. This is a survival game, and winter is meant to be a harsh challenge. You should learn from your mistakes and adapt instead of complaining about difficulty. Embrace your inner Wilson and struggle to live. If you go on Sandbox custom you can also edit the amount of resources to make it a bit easier I believe.
  7. Say, pal, you don't sound so good. Your sentences are broken and incomplete. Can I offer you a high quality dictionary real cheap?
  8. Don't act innocent with me, boy! What skeletons lurk in your closet?! Confess your sins!
  9. Oh my god! What a plot twist! So that's the origin of Maxwell!