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Drop systelm problem

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I have a probleme with my drop system. This morning, I won a drop (1h after starting to play, not my daily one). I played again in the  evening and when i start my game, a gift icone appeared as soon as i was connected : it was the same gift (brown lumberjack jacket). Later, i stoped playing and when i connect again, the same thing happened, i  had a gift non opened and it was the brown lumberjak jacket again. I played lore than 2 hours, and instead winning 2 differents gifts, i just have this one, again and again like if i never opened it.

The new item don't appears in my inventory (in fact it does but,that's normal, i already had one brown lumberjack jacket).


Any Ideas? Connexion problem?


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  • Developer

It sounds most likely that you're not able to communicate with out item servers properly, so your item isn't properly being opened.

You'll want to go here https://items.kleientertainment.com/HealthCheck
and check that it says OK. If not, then you'll need to send us your client log after opening the gift in-game, so we can see what is happening to your account.

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Thank you, I used our link and it's OK.

Maybe i have a bad connection from this computer. I'll try later on my own one and see what will happen. (i still get icons as daily gift by the way).

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Ok , it looks like to be solved. I had 2 normal gifts after 2 hours. It was a glover and ,Ironically, a brown lumberjack jacket again,

Maybe it was due to the bad internet connexion at my job (yes i play DST at my job but...well...copuldn't miss Willow refresh). Now everything looks allright!


Thanks for help!!

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