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Can I get a bit of the Willow art?

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I love the gfx in the shop in game for the Ghastly Attic Chest and Willow Deluxe Wardrobe stuff. Is there a chance I can get my hands on some of the pretty gfx for background making and maybe overlay things? A kind of Willow Media Kit would be lovely! If not, I completely understand!

PS. I especially want a pic of Ashley. Because love. 

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1 minute ago, exotickitten said:

I have some I took in game, but I was hoping for something more workable for streaming, recording purposes ...etc. 

Yeah, it isn't actually all that hard. You just need a program to read tex files or whatever

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Just now, exotickitten said:

Oh! I don't know if I have anything that does though. :(

Yeah, im looking through rn lol this is what I mean

these are what I just grabbed rn, don't worry ill look for anything related to it.



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Alright, all I was able to get were these. I would have gotten Ashley's sprite from in-game but you cannot access skin files from DST because they are encrypted. I might have missed something but I think I spent long enough looking through stuff.


unless there is something specific pertaining to Willow you are looking for, like the spritesheet for her without any skin on, or big bernie but idk.

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5 hours ago, exotickitten said:

was that for the wiki? very well done!

Thanks. I like make investigations of info for the community, and is nice if is used too for the Wiki.

I made this one recently, for the last update of Hamlet in Don´t Starve (single player).





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