Bug Fixes: Fixed minimap icons for Ro-bin and saltlick Fixed a rare crash in werepigbrain.lua Fixed rare crash with tuber trees Fixed inability to inspect boats in Hamlet compatible worlds Made it easier to hammer structures when inside a boat Fixed bug where birds would stop spawning Taking off the shamlet mask won't give entities the "monster" tag if they didn't have it to begin with Webber's Shamlet mask will now show up as the first craftable item in the dress tab Shamlet mask now works as an open top hat Beta specific fixes (332395): Wheeler can now dodge with a controller Wheeler can now use the Trusty Shooter and Navigadget with a controller Entities inside interiors should not get snow-covered Fixed a potential crash and some bad picks in Wagstaff's nearsightedness name randomizer Fixed crash when entering an interior on the volcano Fixed crash when using spyglass in interior Wagstaff now really should have the Pretty Parasol recipe available Added Wheeler’s dodge values to tuning.lua to make it accessible for modders Updated the Trusty Shooter tier damage list and moved it to tuning.lua It is now possible to telelocate mobs into, out of, and between interiors Fixed a bug in the player interiors that could lead to misplaced rooms, causing infinitely looping rooms* Wagstaff’s infroggles now work in caves The Aporkalypse is now only endless the first time around Added the Living Artifact The Ant Queen Chambers now have a minimap Items shot by the Trusty Shooter no longer show up at 0,0 Items shot by the Trusty Shooter can no longer be picked up in the air Wheeler no longer gets the "Dodge" prompt while on a boat or riding a beefalo Using the trusty shooter on a boat no longer causes problems Moved the UI for the trusty shooter and navigadget so it doesn’t interfere with boat UI anymore Fixed multiple miscellaneous string problems *The bugfix in the player interiors needed a fixup that in case of detected errors will remove the offending doors (not rooms) and will reimburse players the cost of those doors. If you notice missing doors in your house, this is why.
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