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Hello the following are some Ideas that might be interesting to see developed into the game.Hair - this is an idea i was thinking of in which all characters can cut hair to create a meat effigy i.e. Willow/Wendy can shorten their hair, Wolfgang can shave his mustache, Wes can cut ear hair (for humor) etc. now although this would get rid of Wilson's special ability he could be given something in return such as faster hair growth than other characters, or takes longer for starvation etc.Bridges - this could be a new structure the character can build (like walls and can be built with different materials as well) to reach other areas not easily reached through other means (have been stuck on an island before, with only way off is to loose sanity from wormhole).This one is not a suggestion but a problem I have with walls, When trying to build a wall near edge of land (where water meets land) it seems impossible/near impossible to build the wall.I hope these are decent Suggestions/problems that you perhaps like and implement into the game and perhaps in the future i will have more suggestions to try and help the game.Night

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I only imagined this for water, land bridge sounds odd to me.Here are some more Idea's And Suggestions I think might be interesting.New Resources:Iron Ore - This would be a new drop from boulders this could be smelted with a new construction (smelting Furnace), and made into items such as swords, axes, pickaxes etc.Diamond ore - This would be a new boulder like object that if mined with a gold/iron pickaxe can yield x amount of diamonds that can be turned into tools and other items/jewelry/gear.Fruit trees - have new types of trees that when cut down yield both wood and a specified fruit for said tree. i.e. grapes, apples, peaches etc.New Structures:Gate's - allows only the player to enter through, which can be helpful in both keeping creatures out, or keeping creatures like Beefalo in. Furnace - Allows the ability to smelt iron ore and other rare materials into gear/ingots.Mobs:Golem's - These creatures appear as boulders or diamond boulders and when mined (or similar to Treeguard's taking form when you destroy nearby boulders)take form and attack the player.Environment:Hills/mountains - To me this game is quite flat and lacking and the addition of hills/mountains although a challenge to add would make a huge addition to the game and shouldn't be impossible to do, and with this said I know caves have been brought up before but these combined with the hills/mountains would make for interesting gameplay (caves could be instanced and roofless similar to that of gameboy zelda games or runescape.)Other Ideas: Beefalo - I think it would be interesting to be able to heard beefalo into a gated area to farm fertilizer (perhaps there already is and I just haven't figured it out yet) I will see what else I can think up for the game, but for now this is my list of suggestions.

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