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Can someone explain this?

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I played a lot in a Hosted server with no problem but one day I entered it and I suffered a massive lag with huge delays to every action even with good host and good player connection.

This problem was solved by exiting the server, then enabling the netbook mode in the options, then entering the server, and then turning off the Netbook mode or entities would not move in to me.

I have to be out of the server when activating the netbook mode or this is not going to work.

I have no idea why this works and I discovered this as an accident.

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23 minutes ago, __IvoCZE__ said:

netbook mode disables the rendering of some stuff therefore you didn't lag so much because your RAM wasn't used by the rendering and instead other stuff loads.

chaos chaos your pc can't do everything.

My brother Tried to enter the same server and he encountered the same problem with the same solution even though the PC he was using is way batter than mine.

This problem started suddenly to booth of us and it happens only on this specific server and only to us booth, the other players are just fine.

My brother had 500 days on this server before this.

(We are using the same internet btw)


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13 minutes ago, CarlZalph said:

Possibly related to the bug I found as described in:


Try asking the host if they touched the tick rate on their server.

i had something similar like that. i was playing on the server mighty beard and after they reseted the server i entered and evrything was fine but all mobs didnt move. i could see them and i saw

the walking animation but they didnt move from their place. when i attacked i coudnt do damage to them but they could damage me. then i had to run from invisible mobs.


BUT THE BEST WAS... when i saw a player he was also not moving. but i could see all his actions. i was at base and a player was there and then he went to caves. i saw him standing all the time next to me but in real he was in caves. i saw how he equip moggles and spear and how he attacked  xxxD


after the next server reset this issue was gone

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