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  1. The werebeaver strength and how easily you become it could be based on the moon's status. (maybe the moon island could also add a multiplier to the beavers power)
  2. Maybe a from a Upcoming boss from the moon?
  3. The rock fruit bushes get unfertilized quite often, character quotes say that happen because they are not in their natural habitat. Having to plant it in a lunar island turf to prevent that would be cool.
  4. Turfs with bonuses instead of just building/planting allowing and blocking? Like guano turf having a plant growth speed boost or desiese protection.
  5. Hound attacks as a whole need a rework, they are not even a challenge at late game, just an annoyance that punishes you for staying away from your trap area, and if you were already near your trap area they are just free meat and gems... The sea could have their own "hounds", maybe enemies that try to attack your boat instead of the player, so the player is not forced to fight on a small area. Weapons that you could place into your boat similarly how you would place a mast, stuff like mounted harpoons or cannons, could be a nice way to improve combat on the sea.
  6. [Poll] Domestication

    I just imagined an image o an koalephant with a saddle with buckets on the sides and the koalephant spilling water with his trunk to extinguish a fire... Is quite stupid but would make the domesticated koalephant different at something from the beef.
  7. Character Quotes

    " The... 'moon'... has retreaded for now"-Maxwell Maxwell always reference the moon as the "Moon" since it is not even a real moon. It is something... different;
  8. [Game Update] - 334844

    Me(and a bunch of other people) still crashing when entering a boat.
  9. I just think they are not that practical, they don't grow on winter and the lureplant trashcan setup is not something that I would consider pretty.
  10. When I saw this topic name I thought that it was going to be about adding a way to delete items other than eye plant and a way to combine low % items. So now I say: -add a trash can/incinerator/magic stuff to do something with your absurd amount of "insert item name here". -add ability to combine tools with low %(maybe not a direct %+%)
  11. Give Woodie his own crafting tab? The tab would be centered around wood stuff.(of course) Some things with real use like wood spike wall and trap, some type of specialized storage like a book shelf that can store books and blueprints, a wood storage that is the size of and scaled chest but only stores wood, Tool rack, etc. And some cosmetic stuff, maybe sculptures of carved wood. Making his only real upside the wood gathering stuff makes him a bit bland. My ideas up there are not the best but still give some sort of idea of how making him truly unique.