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steam turbine performances

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Power output depends on steam temperature and number of open ports.




Here's some formulas that show what's going on.

  • Input temp 195C - output temp 95C - 5 ports open
    (195C-95C)*2000g*4.179 = 835.8kDTU/s
  • Input temp 261.6666C - output temp 95C - 3 ports open
    (261.666C-95C)*1200g*4.179 = 835.8kDTU/s
  • Input temp 345C - output temp 95C - 2 ports open
    (345C-95C)*800g*4.179 = 835.8kDTU/s


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48 minutes ago, stgo said:

Does anyone knows what limit the power output ?

The steam temperature define how much electricity you produce. With a steam at 125°C, you will only obtain a third of the max potential (850 Watts). More the steam is hot more you will have electricity. The amount of steam only define the duration.

But the fun fact is the turbine start at this temperature (125°C), so if you want a maximum electricity, you can add a thermo sensor in your hot room to wait until the highest temperature before run the turbine.

I don't have a number yet but arount 300°C.

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