Untradable/Unsellable Skins should be allowed to be Traded/Gifted

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I understand that Klei needs money, which is why I have bought multiple skin packs, but I find it quite odd that people who buy the skins can't trade/gift them to other users.
I have skins that I have from packs that my sister absolutely adores, but I can't give them to her due to them not being tradable. 

I suggest that maybe the bought skins can be giftable/tradable, but not sellable. This way, if someone needs a skin from someone else/or has an extra, they can trade for whichever skin they need. The skins won't be sold, so people won't be making profit off of them, and it would allow those who can't afford the skins the chance to get them from users who have extras/don't want certain skins from a pack.

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Untradable = impossible to trade.

I like that concept, because having loyal skins (which are indeed Untradable/Unsellable) is a proof that you are the player that was there and did something to deserve that item. So bringing this down would result in faking the participation in many limited-time events.

On the other hand, the elegant, non-event items which you could purchase in the store at any time indeed should be tradable, because they can't be used as any proof for doing something. Skins such as the factory sign post and fence.

So, I partly agree with you.

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