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klei are you ok?

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just watch youtube stuff and one of bloggers say klei have some finance problems, then i read about no forge anymore (need some resourses to host servers)

is it true, what happened?

it was on top of steam awards, i thought everything cool...



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I heard Klei working on Don't Starve Battle Royal and Battle Pass for every game. Also I saw news about Don't Starve League - like eg. Overwatch League. I hope it will be true. I want to see pro player teams fighting against each other. :wilson_sneaky:


Okey, so now should we add true news. Here (bottom) Bigfoot wrote about events. No one wrote nothing about finance problems and end with limited events.


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 Pretty sure it's more in line that doing a couple of high maintenance limited time events for free is less beneficial to both the community and Klei than working on some core content with some of it having a price tag to help support them. But mostly this will help freshen up the entire game instead of stuff being only for a limited time then back to the same stuff.

 If you look at Overwatch, it has issues releasing core content to keep the game fresh and fun when they are on a strict schedule to release limited time events every year through out the year. While they can be fun, the core content of the game needs to be held over limited time events to help strengthen the game and make it healthier and fresh. Otherwise players get bored of the core and only look forward to the rehashed events till they burn out on those as well.

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