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Why did you delete my savegame ? ... :(

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Got time today to play, open steam, see Don't Starve updating.. Thinking wow yeah !!

After update is done want to play (continue the game i was playing during over 100 days), click on Play, see all the slot empty.

No savegame, no continue...

Think... wtf is that ? :(

So... What have you done to my savegame ? How to continue the current game i was playing before the update ?

(i have disabled steam cloud since days by the way)

Update looks amazing by the way, but do we have to start a new game and lost the old one when you update the game ? It have not does that to me last time before that one...

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I don't think it's something the devs are able to restore either. :-/ Time to back-up my saves too then. I still don't know how it works though. I'm on steam but I play it in Chrome to every once in a while. Both my save folders are empty though.

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People on Chrome can't even backup.

Yep, you can. You just need to know where they are. Example on my PortableChrome:W:\PortableApps\GoogleChromePortable\Data\profile\Default\File System\000\p\00All the game files are there with random numbered names. Just check which one's are the most recent after you save and exit. Then copy them into a sub-directory and copy them back if you need.
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I read someone say to have a backup... but what if its not working now or how to make it work again ?From bug forum:http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?10666-Gameplay-all-save-games-gone&p=95554&viewfull=1#post95554

[MENTION=9917]RenardSolitaire[/MENTION] The reason for the save being gone is that, when you disable steam cloud, it starts saving in a new location.So you will lose your save when you start using it BUT, you shouldn't ever have it disapper.

When i disabled Steam cloud (in steam) for Don't Starve i was still able to play my savegame correctly. Insanity update come after and i was still able to play my savegame. But now after the winter update, my savegame is gone.I still have a backup of the folder 219740 in steam for Don't Starve (where my save was stored) but i have no idea how to make my backup working. Deleting 219740 and putting my saved 219740 before the update sadly did not bring me back my savegame in the game to play.Honestly, i have NO idea what happened and why.Just wish i can continue my game where i was ! But HOW ? The picture i posted Show my savegame is still where it was before the update... and wish next time this bug will be fixed because after reading this topic and the forum i notice we are MANY to have lost savegame.
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When I loaded the game after the update, It said my game save was empty... I clicked on it and it acted as my usual save (after saving and exiting the slot seemed to update itself...) all hope is not yet lost...?

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