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  1. I'm on steam and the bird trap is glitched for me. It shows that I captured a bird with the bouncing animation and noises but there is no bird in the trap.
  2. My update went so fast I didn't even notice it updating. Does your game say fresh build or next update in 14 days in the corner?Glad your game updated! Enjoy!
  3. Are they recipes with twigs? Because they got rid of the twig exploit.
  4. I haven't gotten to winter because I died from my own stupidity. I didn't build new armor like I should of and died from hounds. But when I do make it to winter I will try to help out. But anyways this is a good idea.
  5. Are you wearing any armor?Perhaps you should change your gameplay style such as only kill so many nests a day?
  6. I thought it might be a feature. I wonder if the speed the paths versus the roads are any faster or slower.
  7. They'll probably work on adventure mode. Tune the existing features to their liking and add some of the stuff they left out this update such as the pengulls and snowmen.
  8. Don't nerf the deerclops. He deserves to be brushed daily... with your bones..
  9. I actually heard him say that the pan flute needs a mandrake now. So you're not the only one.
  10. I'm still watching and he showed the new version of sandbox for a little bit. There was an option to change food berry bushes and carrots to none, default, less, more.
  11. Maybe one will lower insanity a bit when you eat it.. like a hallucinate mushroom. Or would that not be allowed in the game?
  12. I think it was like they hit once and run away a bit and then hit again.
  13. Using your mod I was able to learn a little bit about modding myself. I opened up the log.lua untouched and compared it to your file. I then looked at the tuning file. I was able to make a new stacking value of 60 and then use that for the log.lua I edited. I tried it out in game and was able to get 60 logs stacked together. I know nothing of coding so I was like well something simple like this is easy. I went ahead and replaced the edited files with the backups I made. Sixty stackable logs is a bit much. Anyways thanks for making your mod!