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Polluted Water Offgassing 100x Faster

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Check out that 8.4 Kg/s PO2 rate.

Algae Terrarium Bug.sav

Here's the save.  Just turn the valve on to 10000 and watch how quickly my base overpressurizes.

Hopefully one of you guys figures this out.  Outside of this save, I wasn't able to replicate it.  My theory is the algae terrariums suck up water so fast that it creates a vacuum multiple times per tic and the water bottle offgasses each time... or something...

Good luck!


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i was also doing something like that using auto off gasing with mesh tile as floor ,let it create vacuum when sucking water.some time that room flll up a lot of PO2 that full room of puft cannot eat it fast enough.This time after the prince dead and an new cycle of puft and puft prince they manage to finish all PO2 in the room.

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